Tool: Quick Kill all Browser Processes

imageNot exclusively for Dynamics but something I developed that gets a lot of use is this tiny script that will kill all browser processes… no more barrage of “are you sure”, “your work will be lost”, “please login” prompts before getting a fresh desktop.  This script simply pulls the plug without discrimination.  Add (or remove) “REM” from a line if you wish to leave that particular browser open while the others are closed.  Save the below text as a .cmd file.  Enjoy!

Taskkill /IM iexplore.exe /F
Taskkill /IM MicrosoftEdge.exe /F
REM Taskkill /IM Firefox.exe /F
REM Taskkill /IM Chrome.exe /F

If you’d like to add this to your start menu then you’ll want to create a shortcut to your cmd file then update the properties of that shortcut’s “Target” to include the cmd executable’s /c hint…  For example, create a shortcut then add the below:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c “C:\WhereverYourCMDFileIsSaved\QuickClose.cmd”

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