Cheat Sheet: D365 Customer Service – Queues

5Settings >> Service Management >> Queues

Queues are lists of pending work, known as Queue Items, to be completed. This may include unassigned cases, tasks, or inbound email messages such as those to a general support inbox. Other standard entities (for example Account or Opportunity), or custom entities may be enabled for Queues. For example, you may want to add all newly created Accounts to a Data Quality queue managed by a team of quality assurance users.

Users may execute the following actions on Queue Items.

  • Route (Formerly “Routing”)
    • Route the queue item to a specific user or another queue
  • Pick (formerly “Workon”)
    • Assign the item to yourself
  • Release
    • Release an item back to the queue
  • Remove
    • Remove an item from the queue

Additional queue information…

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