Cheat Sheet: D365 Customer Service – Routing Rules

6Settings >> Service Management >> Routing Rule Sets

Configure rules to route cases to a specific Queue, User, or Team based on updates to the case or any of the case’s related entities (such as the related Account, Contact, SLA, etc…). For example, if the case’s Is Escalated field is set to true then automatically route the case to your Tier 2 Support queue.

  • For manually created or updated cases, the user must click the Save & Route button for the routing rule to take effect.
  • For automatically created cases (such as those created using automatic Record Creation and Update Rules) the routing applies automatically.
  • When creating a case from excel import you can add a Route Case column and set the value to Yes to have those cases routed.
  • You can Apply a Routing Rule using a “Perform Action” Workflow step. In this way, you can automatically apply your rules even to manually created cases and throughout the case lifecycle.
    • This won’t apply for changes to parental records related to cases (1:n). For example, if your rule was to route a case based on the parent account’s state you could not use the workflow action to do this. A plugin or integration would be required to fully automate routing at this level.
    • You could do this for changes to child records (n:1) to cases. For example, automatically apply your routing rules when a case’s SLA KPI Instance reaches noncompliant.


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